BioGENEius Hall of Fame Award

Recognizing past winners making a difference in their pursuit of careers in biotechnology

2019 BioGENEius Hall of Fame Awardee
Michael Tran Duong, Philadelphia, PA

Some of the Institute’s greatest contributions to the biotechnology industry are the products of our programs, winners of the Global BioGENEius Challenges who go on to careers that enable them realize their research dreams on much larger scales and become innovators in their fields. 

Whether you are a past winner or know one, still in school or driving the industry forward from within, we want to hear about your work.

If you are, or know a past finalist or winner of the BioGENEius Challenges who has continued making a difference in biotechnology, and would like to be considered for the BioGENEius Hall of Fame Award, please contact us with the requested information below.

The Awardee will be recognized at each annual BIO International Conference.  Applications are due May 1. Please submit your application for consideration and include the following in this order:

  1. Name and contact information (address, email, phone)
  2. Current university/college and/or  employment affiliation (name and address only)
  3. Provide the title(s) and abstract(s) of your BioGENEius project and date(s) of participation
  4. In 500 words or less, describe (a) why have you stayed interested in the general field of biotechnology specifically and life sciences in general, (b) what are you currently doing in the field (if school, what related major, why), (c) what you have accomplished to date (e.g., patents, research, internships, courses, etc.), and (d) what you hope to accomplish through your continued interest in biotechnology (future goals).
  5. Any publication references for which you were an author/co-author
  6. Two personal references (inclusion of their letters of support are desirable)
  7. A statement as to your availability to be in Boston, MA during the dates of June 3-6, 2018 and what if any constraints you might face to do so.

How to Submit your Application

  • Submit items 1-7 as a single document (Word or PDF) 
  • Email as an attachment to
  • Email with subject line: "BioGENEius Hall of Fame Award Application"

For Sponsors:

Sponsorship of the BioGENEius Hall of Fame Award or the BioGENEius Mentor or BioSTEM Leader Awards are included as options in the Diamond Sponsorship opportunity of the Institute.  If you are interested in sponsoring programs of the Institute, please contact us