BioSTEM Leader Award

Has your school created an environment that engages, excites and educates? That inspires in today’s bright, young minds an intellectual curiosity for the biosciences?

2019 BioSTEM Leader Awardee
Philadelphia High School for Girls
(accepted by Dr. Parthenia A. Moore, Principal)

Under the strategic vision of Principal Dr. Parthenia Moore, GHS began its STEM/STEAM Program a few years ago and invited students to come to the inaugural meeting. Expecting twenty-five students to attend, more than sixty showed up and continues to increase to date. To assist GHS’s vision of growth in STEM, Dr. Moore secured $3 million for two newly refurbished science laboratories and the refinishing of a third laboratory with no cost to the school. They have had installed twenty additional SMARTBoards in teachers’ classrooms across the school to assist in student learning, again at no cost to the school. GHS has also established STEM partnerships with University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Drexel and Temple Universities.
The students of GHS have connected to the sciences at levels that have surpassed expectations. Through its STEM Program, students are seeking opportunities and being provided information that further supports them in the areas of technology, engineering and mathematics. “With an appropriate modification to their motto ‘She conquers who conquers herself’, the young women of GHS will be well equipped to achieve their goals in the field of STEM” said Dr. Larry Mahan, President of the Biotechnology Institute.

Whether you are a student, parent, teacher, principal or other community member, we want to hear from you.  If you know an ideal candidate for the BioSTEM Leader Award, please contact us with the requested information below.  Additional details for 2018 BioSTEM Leader Award will be available on this site shortly.  Stay tuned but in the meantime, submit your nomination for consideration and include the following in this order:

  1. Your name and contact information (address, email, phone)
  2. School nominee (name, address, nominee point of contact and contact information)
  3. In 250 words or less, describe (a) why the nominee stands out in the general field of STEM education and programs in life sciences/biotechnology in particular, (b) 2-3 specific examples (programs, community activities, etc.) of how they lead in this effort, and (c) professional and personal attributes of staff that qualify them as a leaders in STEM and biosciences in particular.
  4. Any awards the nominee has received in the past 3-5 years
  5. Two supporting references (inclusion of their letters of support are desirable)
  6. A statement as to the availability of a school representative to be in Boston, MA during the dates of June 3-6, 2018 and what if any constraints they might face to do so.

Note: this award recognizes the entire school, not any one faculty member, or program.

How to Submit your Application

  • Submit items 1-6 as a single document (Word or PDF) 
  • Email as an attachment to
  • Email with subject line: "BioSTEM Leader Award Application"

For Sponsors:

Sponsorship of the BioGENEius Hall of Fame Award or the BioGENEius Mentor or BioSTEM Leader Awards are included as options in the Diamond Sponsorship opportunity of the Institute.  If you are interested in sponsoring programs of the Institute, please contact us