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By becoming a sponsor of the Biotechnology Institute, your company will support programs for students, teachers, industry professionals and entrepreneurs that foster a more robust, ever-growing biotechnology industry community and increases public awareness thereof. Learn more about the programs that are impacted by your generous sponsorship:

Become a BioGENEius Global Challenges Sponsor

As we challenge students across the U.S. and abroad, so to do we have the challenge of sustaining the excellence and growth of our programs.  For 2018, we are seeking a single major corporate sponsor for each of the two remaining Global Challenges, the Global Sustainability Challenge in agricultural biotechnology, and the Global Environment Challenge in industrial and environmental biotechnology. Either would make a unique and compelling addition to your company’s portfolio of sponsored organizations and biotechnology industry support initiatives.

These sponsorships are the foundation of the Institute and its ability to deliver impactful programs.  Each comes with a set of prescribed and customizable deliverables.  We invite you to explore these opportunities with us and learn more.

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For more information regarding Institute sponsorship opportunities, please contact Dr. Larry Mahan by email at

Thank you to our 2018 BioGENEius Sponsors