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What Can You Do? around you.  Throughout your family.  Look in your neighborhood, among your circle of friends or work colleagues.  There is a BioGENEius.  Either in the making or already at work.  They can be deceptive to identify.  They may be in the backyard playing with bugs (hopefully not with the magnifying glass!).  They may be in the kitchen mixing things to see what happens.  They may be trying to teach the dog new tricks.  They are young, inquisitive experimentalists. 

Do you know a BioGENEius?   They are our fertile ground and our future.

At the Biotechnology Institute, our mission is to engage, excite and educate the future BioGENEius.  As the world grows more complex, so do the opportunities for biotechnology to help heal, feed and fuel our world.  So do their opportunities to innovate. can help us develop and promote the “next gen” innovators in biotechnology through your tax deductible contribution to the Institute. 

Become a Patron of the Institute.  Through your generous support, we will be able to continue to expand the reach of our current programs, create new programs and nurture these bio-innovators to realize their potential.

Levels of Patron Support

  • Patron (heal): $1-$100
  • Patron Plus (sustain): $100 - $1,000
  • Patron Elite (fuel): >$1,000

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