At the Biotechnology Institute, we are dedicated to building the future of biotechnology by engaging, exciting, and educating young people about careers in biotechnology and their potential to heal the sick, feed the hungry, restore the environment, and fuel the economy.

We cannot achieve this mission alone.  Your time and expertise are critical to the success of the Institute and its programs.  Further, your dedication to biotechnology education and specifically to the BioGENEius program is a powerful draw to attract and engage a talented group of students. 

Your involvement as Biotechnology Institute volunteer will help us continue to provide students with exciting and unique opportunities to participate in the biotechnology community.



The BioGENEius Challenges are national and international competitions for high school students that recognize excellence in original research in biotechnology. Held annually at the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) convention and organized by the Biotechnology Institute, the Challenges are prestigious science competitions with significant cash prizes awarded to the winners.  This year, Philadelphia, PA the host city for the 2019 BIO International Convention, and this global industry wide convention will be held in June. The Biotechnology Institute is looking for various volunteer interns to help with events. 


The Biotechnology Institute is also recruiting judges for its new GenePool Competition as part of the BioGENEius program conducted annually onsite at the BIO International Conference.  BioGENEius finalists have proven their talents in presenting the "scientific" side of their innovative research.  The GenePool Competition seeks to develop a compelling human interest/business/investment aspect to  their accomplishments ... what we prefer to think of as a nature and nurture version of the Shark Tank® experience!   All this takes place in a fast "elevator pitch" format.

If you believe in the development of our future leaders in biotech, and you have not just the scientific expertise, but additionally a keen ear for a compelling pitch from your professional experience in business development, licensing and/or entrepreneurial development, we welcome your application.  Please submit your interest by following the instructions listed below.

 You will find this a satisfying experience.  The entire program takes approximately 1 hour on Wednesday, June 6th onsite at BIO 2019 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Please see below for a list of qualifications and time commitments.  Distinguished panels of judges from all levels of competitions are being coordinated by the Biotechnology Institute.

Judge Qualifications

  1. Education: Doctoral degrees in related area(s) preferred, although Master’s degrees combined with work experience strongly considered.
  2. Professional Experience: Five years or more with biotechnology or related field, i.e., business and industry, academia, etc.
  3. Prior experience in judging research projects, especially college and/or high school levels

Special Note: No preparatory work or follow-up commitments are required.

Judging opportunities

2019 At-Large BioGENEius Challenge (Deadline April 26th)
Dates: May 3-17, 2019
Place: Virtual

2019 International BioGENEius Challenge (Deadline May 10th)
Date: Monday, June 3, 2019
Place: Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA

2019 GenePool Competition (Deadline May 10th)
Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2019
Place: Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA

Contact us.  If you are interested in judging the 2019 BioGENEius Challenges, please contact us and choose subject "Volunteering".  Please also list the competitions for which you are interested in order of priority.  We will do our best accommodate requests, but can not guarantee placement.


The Institute is seeking volunteers to help staff with pre-convention activities at our Washington D.C. office and events in Philadelphia, PA.   Travel not provided. (Deadline May 17th)


  1. D.C. office:  Be able to spend a minimum of 8 hours a week in the office.

  2. Onsite events:  Must be in the Philadelphia, PA area for the BioGENEius events that take place Sunday, June 2 – Wednesday, June 5, 2019. You can select to participate one day, two days, or the entirety of the program.

  3. Professional Experience: Able to act as a volunteer, assist with registration, directions, presentation materials, ability to answer questions and ensure a professional and friendly environment for attendees.

  4. Prior experience in a conference/event setting is desired for onsite volunteers.