California (SoCal)


The Southern California BioGENEius Challenge Program for 2021 will be conducted by the Southern California Biomedical Council (SoCalBio), the trade organization representing the interests of the over 900 bioscience companies in the 5-county Greater Los Angeles area. Specifically however, the region of SoCalBio’s coverage for the Southern California BioGENEius Challenge includes all of Southern California, south of the San Luis Obispo-Fresno line to the Mexican border, an area encompassing over 1500 high schools and 13 counties.


SoCalBio uses the annual State of California Science Fair (CSSF, as the platform from which the selection of the Southern California BioGENEius Challenge Finalists will be conducted. The 2021 CSSF will be held on Monday and Tuesday, April 12-13, 2021. The fair will be held online only. Most of the details concerning the operation of CSEF 2021 are yet to be determined, and will be posted on the CSSF site as they are decided. CSSF participants represent the finest and highest quality projects presented at regional or affiliated science fairs across the State. Thus qualification for the CSSF is through an affiliated county or regional fair (q.v. Eligibility Rules at under Information for Student Participants).  The research scientific areas that are screened are: Biochemistry, Chemistry, Mammalian Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacology/Toxicology, Plant Biology, and Mathematics/Software, for a total of 7 scientific areas.

SoCal BioGENEius candidates must participate through the CSSF. Please review the BioGENEius Rules and Guidelines and Judging Criteria to ensure eligibility for the U.S. National BioGENEius Challenge.

Steps on Becoming a SoCal BioGENEius Challenge Finalist and Proceeding to the National BioGENEius Competition at the 2021 Digital International Biotechnology Conference:

  • Prior to participating in the Southern California BioGENEius Challenge at the CCSF, students must enter and compete and at a regional or affiliated fair and be authorized to compete in the CCSF.

  • CSSF projects in the above 7 areas will be scrutinized initially in the poster set-up period by the SoCalBio team of judges.

  • Five Southern California BioGENEius Challenge Finalists will be selected by the SoCalBio judges on via intensive interviews and the Finalists will be notified at the end of the poster presentation period.

  • The top Southern California BioGENEius Challenge Finalist and four honorable mentions will be publically announced at the CSSF Awards Ceremony. Importantly, although team projects cannot proceed to the National BioGENEius competition,  project team members can be recognized as a Southern California BioGENEius Finalist.
  • The top Southern California BioGENEius Challenge Finalist will be authorized to complete the online application for the National BioGENEius Challenge.