Biotechnology is all around us and, whether or not we know it, is a tremendous part of our lives, providing breakthrough products and technologies to heal the sick, feed the hungry, restore the environment, and fuel the economy.

The Biotechnology Institute designs and manages programs that bridges the gap in public knowledge and understanding about the life sciences between the general public and the biotechnology community.

We bring together students, teachers, industry professionals and entrepreneurs, and researchers with the goal of facilitating the types of exchanges that will engage and encourage this generation’s biotechnology leaders, while fostering and inspiring the next.

Programs & Activities

BioGENEius Challenges – The BioGENEius Challenges provide high school students the opportunity to compete and be recognized for outstanding research in biotechnology. Students have the opportunity to apply and compete for top honors in the Global Healthcare Challenge (Medical Biotechnology), the Global Sustainability Challenge (Agricultural Biotechnology) or the Global Environment Challenge (Industrial/Environmental Biotechnology). 

Leadership Awards – The Institute’s Leadership Awards recognize the BioGENEius alumni, teachers and mentors–the engines of the industry who inspire, groom and guide the next generation of biotechnology leaders.

BioDiversity – A bioSTEM focused 12-week virtual afterschool education program to students in underserved and under-resourced schools across the nation.